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Our mission is to help our clients feel better.

We are the team of reference of personal training at Palma de Mallorca. Commitment, trust, joy, professionalism and passion we provide to all our customers.

We offer the best of each one of us, conveying our philosophy of sport, health and balance between the two, in order to help them and that met its goal of improvement.

  • We provide services to hundreds of clients of all ages, with different expectations and objectives
  • Each training session will be a fun and dynamic challenge
  • Motivate, guide and help to achieve the objectives
  • We convey our philosophy of life and our method, instilling healthy lifestyle habits
  • We teach nutrition and to train adequately without injury guidelines
  • We offer available every day of the year with flexible hours, with a completely personalized
  • We are available to answer questions whenever you want, even after workouts
  • Work motivation and attitude performed constantly checks weekly for optimal track to check the obtained improvements and ensure that we are working in the right direction


Technical Director: Joel Moreauonline tracking

Hi, I'm Joel Moreau and this section, take the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.

More than 12 years ago to work as a personal trainer, 4 years competing in bodybuilding and 15 years practicing the fitness and training professional and academically.

I've been to study the latest developments in the evolution of fitness and health every day in order to apply it to each of my clients and thus give them the best result and that meet its objectives.

From the first day that I started until today eh lived as a philosophy of life fitness, dedicating myself fully to this world.

I consider myself a person who in my profession and I do it with great professionalism and love, I try to give the maximum quality, warmth and delivery to my client, so that you feel comfortable, cared, valued and above all offer you the best outcome for your goal.

Today we have formed a team of trainers personal professional and skilled and together explore the personal training with the same desire to delivery, professionalism and love for this sport.

I am sure that, with our delivery professional and your dedication, will achieve any goal or objective you want.


Titles to highlight:

  • Bodybuilding trainer: taught by Orthos 2004, Barcelona
  • Fitness teacher, taught by Orthos 2005
  • Nutrition in sport and health: taught by Orthos 2005
  • Upper course of sports coaching: Orthos 2006
  • Sports massage course: Orthos 2006
  • Functional and recovery training: Orthos 2007

You can contact me at joel@joelfitness.com


Our Team


José Miguel Torre

More than 25 years in the sector and 16 years dedicated to personal training in Mexico, specifically in Televisa (a chain of television), training actors and models.
For me personal training goes far beyond a simple exercise routine through which objectives are achieved. When you train someone that person becomes part of your life, someone that you like that achieved its objectives and that, somehow, it reflect my work, as in a picture the work of a painter. Forms a team in which we fight together and with the assurance that we will get the results. You decide where you want to go and your coach will accompany you!!

  • Degree in fitness and personal training, fitness European Academy sector.
  • Chiropractor (Olesma)
  • Degree in nutrition (Uoc)
  • Sports Coaching title
  • Instructor guided activities: Indoor Walking, Spinning, Kettlebell, TRX